Yoga and Health

What is yoga?

Today almost everyone has heard of yoga, however, not everyone has a concrete idea of what it is.

Yoga teaches to overcome the limitations of our physical body, it helps to find inner peace and to get rid of unnecessary fuss and anxiety.

Daily asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathing exercise) help to improve physical and emotional well-being. Regular practice makes muscles more flexible and young, fills body with the energy.

In addition to the natural body healing, yoga practice allows to better endure stress and to cope with the fast pace of modern life. It gives us everything that is necessary for positive thinking and good mood every day. It is not a sport, it is a whole science. Over the years it has absorbed the ideology and teachings about the body and soul. Practicing for a long time, you will be able to fill your inner world with peace and tranquility.

8 limbs of yoga (8 steps or components):

Yama – ethical behavior, moral standards, discipline,

Niyama – self-cleaning, getting rid of excess, spiritual observances, self-development,

Asana – yoga pose helping to develop discipline, concentration leading to efficient meditation,

Pranayama – breathing exercise, breathing control, connection with mind,

Pratyahara – distraction of the mind from the feelings and external influences, self-observation,

Dharana – concentration, attention to a single mental object,

Dhyana – meditation,

Samadhi is a state of enlightenment, ecstasy achieved as a result of meditation.

All these components give us the ability to maintain emotional balance, allow the body to stay healthy and prevent poor health and mood.

Asanas require strict body and breathing control, as well as a calm environment for the practice. Everyone who is at least a little interested in yoga is well aware of the positive effect of asanas on all body systems. These postures have been developed for centuries, and they allow for short training sessions to have a positive effect on all the muscles, tendons, and nerves of the body. Yoga practices allow you to make the body healthy and resistant to disease, and the soul – calm and unshakeable.

Yoga can be a good way to lose weight and normalize pressure. But most importantly, it can not only rejuvenate your body, but also soothe the soul. And breathing practices will teach you to breathe deeply and stay balanced no matter what.

It is not so easy to understand all the diversity of yoga styles. On this website you can get the most complete idea about it: directions and schools, history and philosophy of yoga – this and other useful information you will find here.