Kundalini energy

Kundalini energy is the basis of birth and spiritual development. The very word “kundalini” can be translated from Sanskrit as a “curled up snake” or “serpent power”.

Indeed, in Ayurveda and yoga, Kundalini is compared to a snake that has been sleeping in every person since birth in the root chakra at the base of the spine. We can awaken this energy with the help of special practices, and make it move up through all the chakras straight to the sahasrara chakra. This contributes to the spiritual development of the personality, creative realization, physical health.

The symbol of kundalini

The snake is a symbol of kundalini. It is curled up in three and a half circles at the base of the spine. Three circles symbolize three states of the energy – sleeping, dormant, and awakened. The fourth incomplete round is a combination of all three states. The primary aim of yoga practitioners is to awaken kundalini energy. It is not easy to do it, and it takes many years of constant practice, pranayama and meditation.

Location of kundalini in the human body

Kundalini energy is located at the base of the spine (in the Muladhara chakra, our root energy center). This is where the three main nadi of our body converge: Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. And this is where the kundalini sleeps.

If describing more profoundly and precisely, then it is located in the nerve center, which controls the excretory system and genitals. You know already that there are such things as energy locks (bandhas) in yoga. One of them is mula bandha, when we compress the muscles of the perineum. It has an explanation. Through the muscles of perineum we can stimulate the pelvic nerve center, where the kundalini energy is located. By creating such a lock in combination with breath holding, we do not let the pranic energy to be released, so it stimulates the kundalini awakening .

Kundalini awakening

Many yogic techniques aim to awaken this energy. Kundalini begins ”its journey” from the root chakra to the higher energy centers. This is at the same time the path of human self-realization according to the philosophy of yoga. We must awaken the kundalini and let it to achieve Sushumna (the main central energy channel) through each chakra to the higher one called Sahasrara.

This is extremely difficult. Most of us will never do this. After all, only few people are aware of the existence of a great power within them. But even having this understanding, it will take years of practice and spiritual development. Awakening and awareness of kundalini boost the inner strength, health, clarity of mind, happiness, joy and harmony. Yoga teaches that raising kundalini energy to the higher centers and merging it with the prana gives a person incredible abilities.

For most people in their entire lives, the kundalini does not rise above the svadhisthana chakra. There, it “meets a wall“ of our passions, desires, jealousy and envy, selfishness and greed, and so on. By freeing your mind, your soul, your thoughts from all of these, you open the way for kundalini rising. But usually it happens that it constantly balances between svadhisthana and muladhara. That is, it never breaks through the wall of Svadhisthana, too strong resistance.

By cleansing your mind of negative qualities, emotions and manifestations, you open the path of kundalini. It rises to the crown chakra where it unites with the Supreme Spirit.

How to achieve Kundalini awakening and raising

All yoga, its asanas and exercises, any spiritual practice contribute to this. Also, there is a whole direction – Kundalini Yoga, which deals with just kundalini awakening.

What should be practiced to activate kundalini?

  • Kriya yoga – performing kriyas let our internal energy going upwards. Kriyas are used for body and mind cleansing purposes. It includes water, air and energy cleansing. Such exercises as uddiyana bandha, trataka, basti, dhauti and other techniques will help to increase endurance, flexibility, strengthen the body. Special diets or even starvation can also be used to get rid of toxins.
  • Pranayama – breathing techniques help to take control of the prana energy, and also help to realize, to feel kundalini inside us, and activate it eventually.
  • Brahmacharya or abstinence from sexual activity. Or in other words, it is the preservation and sublimation of sexual energy in a human body. Preserving sexual strength will help you to open higher energy centers. When there is a lot of such energy, it provokes its upward movement. Brahmacharya is impossible without yoga, pranayama and meditation. 
  • For mental cleanse, establishing harmony between self-perception and perception of the world, to learn how to communicate with ourselves and others on a spiritual level, we should regularly practice meditation, singing mantras, concentration, visualization techniques.

Awakening and raising kundalini requires constant work – continuous and regular practice of physical exercises of yoga, and pranayama, meditation.