Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Muladhara or root chakra is the first chakra. This is the basis on which the life of any person is built. The root chakra is responsible for our instincts of self-preservation, and for a sense of fear.

The image and color of muladhara chakra

The color associated with the root chakra is red.

The image is a circle containing four red petals. There are four Sanskrit letters on them. Each petal symbolizes one of the bliss:

  • Natural pleasure;
  • Greatest joy;
  • Delight in controlling passions;
  • Concentration.

The location of muladhara and its significance

The muladhara chakra is located in the perineum, between the genitals and the anus.

Muladhara chakra is responsible for:

  • survival;
  • endurance and physical health of the human body;
  • stability and emotional balance;
  • adaptability to changes in the world around us;
  • influx of material welfare into our lives;
  • sexual instincts and procreation;
  • purification of the human body from toxins on the physical level, and from any “energy” trash on the mental level.

Muladhara is a support for our entire energy system, just as the spine is the main component of the physical body. The root chakra is our instinct for self-preservation. If we recall everything that happened to us throughout our life, we will surely remember such moments when our consciousness was seized by fear for a while. It was a warning against some bad situations that could cause harm to our health or even life. We stopped on time and did not do what we were going to do.

Such fear is a manifestation of the chakra functioning – a defensive reaction of the body to the danger. However, if fears are constant companions and do not give us peace of mind, as well as low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, then this indicates that the root chakra is not functioning properly.

When the first chakra is opened

If the first chakra is fully opened and works properly, then the person feels a strong connection with the earth and wildlife.

Assertiveness helps to bravely overcome all crises and conflict situations. Besides that, such a person is very easy to make and implement any decisions. He does not experience many difficulties; he is always active, energetic, and astute.

Healthy muladhara gives confidence in ourselves, and in our abilities. When it works correctly, there is no fear of the present and the future. Those people whose root chakra functions harmoniously know that at the right moment life will give them what is necessary. They easily achieve everything they want – prestigious work, any material benefits, they stand firmly on their feet, easily solve problems, cope with all life tasks, they are full of health and physical strength.

Imbalance in the work of the root chakra

If the chakra is blocked, the person is unbalanced, focuses only on his problems and needs (food, sex, money). Hurrying to satisfy his carnal desires, he is of little interest in the cause-and-effect relation of events. It makes such person’s unenviable position even worse.

Various weaknesses, phobias, fears arise. Also, frequent guests are: anger, greed, jealousy, irritation. All this negative blocks even more the normal circulation of chakra energy through the body. It leads to mental disorders, as well as various health problems – constipation, hemorrhoids, obesity, and bad habits.

Concentration only on the needs, the highest level of egoism characterizes the owners of the sick chakra. Furthemore, they may fall into hoarding. Their greed knows no bounds.

Such people have the same vision of life, they do not let any changes to come into their life. Also,they can endure hateful work or hateful relationships for a long time. In fact, at the instinctive level, they feel a lack of stability; therefore, they are so attached to the old stereotypes and unnecessary things in which they see this stability.

Selfishness, aggression and hot temper, imposing one’s will and desires on others – these are qualities of a person with the incorrect work of the root chakra. If people do not do what they want, they feel uncontrollable anger, which often turn into physical violence.

Muladhara and the physical body

Muladhara Chakra is directly connected with our body and reflects everything that happens to it. This chakra is connected to all the solid parts of the human body: the skeleton, bones, teeth, muscles, spine, legs, as well as the intestine and reproductive organs.

If the chakra functions properly, a person lovingly treats himself, his body, appreciates it, perceives all functions absolutely adequately, and feels grateful for what the nature gave him.

Chakra imbalance causes various diseases of many organs. These are problems with bones and joints, spinal column, hemorrhoids and constipation, mental disorders, as well as blood diseases (anemia), which is also closely associated with muladhara.