Sahasrara Chakra

Speaking about the sahasrara chakra or crown chakra, it is impossible not to mention the kundalini energy. Kundalini is the hidden energy which leads to the full realization of a person’s potential if awaken. Symbolically, it is depicted as a serpent dormant at the base of Sushumna (near the first chakra).

If awaken, Kundalini energy rises upwards the 7 chakras, and then the last ones open like lotuses. At the moment, when it passes the crown chakra, the person experiences enlightenment.

Image and color of the Sahasrara Chakra

Sahasrara means “thousand-petaled” if translated from the ancient language of Sanskrit. People associate purple color with the seventh chakra.

Its image is a lotus with a thousand petals of white or purple color. All petals occupy 20 rows, 50 petals in each of them. In the center of the flower, there is a circle with depicted mandalas (spiritual figures) of the sun and the moon. Their combination symbolizes the merger of Pingala and Ida with Sushumna. This symbol shows us the duality of the earthly nature, and the need to return to integrity.

At the very center of the circle there is a barely perceptible point (bindu), which means emptiness. Only a person who has been following the path of spiritual development for many years is able to reach this level.

The location of sahasrara and its meaning

Sahasrara is located above the crown of the head; that’s why it is also called crown chakra. It is believed that newborns have a fontanel, which represents this chakra. Therefore, babies have a strong connection with the cosmos.

The seventh chakra is responsible for:

  • Connection with the divine, and our spiritual nature;
  • Life-force;
  • Innate power of spirit
  • fulfilling our destiny in the material world;
  • higher abstract philosophical thinking;
  • finding inner peace and mental balance;
  • understanding of integrity, of the fact that we are an integral part of the world and the whole universe.

From the point of view of the crown chakra, the purpose of a human being is to serve for the benefit of mankind, transfer True Knowledge, approach to God, eliminate evil, understand the concept of the Spiritual Laws and follow them, creative self-realization. Even though the body lives in the material world, the consciousness is on the Divine level.

This is a great miracle, and a great rarity when a person has all seven chakras open. Nowadays, there are very few such people. They are the Messiah, the Great Teachers, the Prophets.

How healthy chakra works

With regard to sahasrara, there are no such concepts as healthy, sick or blocked – the chakra is beyond duality. It can be open, closed, or not fully open.

Due to the opening of crown chakra, the brain functioning changes, it starts to emit new higher vibrations. In other words, opened seventh chakra radiates the pure Light of Divine Love. It illuminates everything around it, helping other people to wake up from sleep.

A person starts feeling compassion and unconditional love to himself, and to others, all negative and false is revealed.

The world around ceases to be cruel, the boundaries of good and evil merge, he has understanding of everything that is happening around. A person with an opened sahasrara chakra becomes calm, gently, and flexible, which allows him to overcome internal conflicts without any problems. He changes his attitude towards events, people, situations from the point of view of unconditional love.

The thoughts and words have tremendous power and they are easily brought to life, as they come from pure intent and are not burdened by desires, impatience, or fear. Life stops to seem unfair, and the world around begins to shine with all the colors of the rainbow.

This is the enlightenment that more and more people are seeking for. The person who has felt this condition will never be able to forget it. It will fundamentally change his mind and attitude towards life.

Symptoms of the crown chakra imbalance

As mentioned above, there can be no imbalance in the work of the seventh chakra. For most people, sahasrara is closed, and when the chakra is closed or partially opened, the person feels hopelessly lonely and useless even in a full and prosperous family.

He cannot define his purpose in life and does not understand why he came to this world. It results in boredom and thirst for dubious pleasures and impressions, but still there is no life satisfaction.

As a result, such a person feels constant depression, isolation, fear of the future, lack of joy. He is often in a bad mood, and loses an ability to effectively interact with the outside world.

Such people are not able to understand the Universal Laws; they are overwhelmed by the fear of death. They do not know how to be calm – panic, constant anxiety and fear of not having time – all this results in increased physical activity, which leads to complete mental and physical exhaustion.

A person with a closed sahasrara is afraid to trust life and his intuition. Unbelief, atheism, denial of the existence of Higher Forces, as well as activities directed against the Divine essence are clear signs of a closed crown chakra.

Why the seventh chakra can be closed?

  • lack of love in childhood;
  • huge ego, claims, and offenses;
  • aggression and cruelty towards other living beings;
  • harming others not only by actions, but also by thoughts and words;
  • negative influence of society;
  • materialism.

Eventually, all these reasons do not allow human souls to fully reveal and to allow Divine Love enter into their lives.

Sahasrara and the physical body

Sahasrara chakra is responsible for the functioning of the brain, endocrine and central nervous systems. It defines the constitution of the human body, its spiritual qualities and mental health. Crown chakra also controls the state of the skull, pineal gland, and blood circulation through the human body.