Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

Ajna (third eye chakra) is the sixth chakra, which is associated with an intuitive understanding of the world and imagination ability. In Sanskrit, ajna means “perceive” or “command.” Intuitive knowledge starts from the sixth chakra and passes to the lower chakras, and becomes accessible to our mind.

Image and color of ajna chakra

Ajna chakra’s color is indigo – the dark blue color of the night sky. The image is a circle with two petals. They are usually painted blue or white.

Two petals symbolize the two hemispheres of the brain – the left and right, two lobes of the pituitary gland. The right hemisphere is related to mental strength and intuitive knowledge. The left one is our mind or wit, which gives us knowledge about the world.

In the ajna chakra the sun and the moon, the mind and the body are connected. All yogis highlight a particular importance of the gradual development of this chakra. However, it will require an excellent mastery of the energies of the previous five chakras and bringing them into a harmonious state.

Ajna location and its meaning

Ajna chakra is located between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead. Hence, its second name is the third eye chakra.

What are we living for? What is the purpose of our life? Who we are? What is truth? We are looking for these answers, walking along the difficult path of spiritual self-improvement. What is the ajna chakra responsible for? The sixth chakra is responsible for everything connected with the brain and memory, as well as for:

  • perception of the world;
  • awareness of the power of thought and imagination;
  • flexibility of thinking;
  • the ability to create mental images;
  • understanding (awareness) of the world;
  • development of creative imagination;
  • intuitive awareness;
  • emotional balance.

The third eye chakra is also responsible for the balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, for the balance of intuition and emotions with logic and reason.

Besides that, in the spiritual aspect, ajna is responsible for the extrasensory perception of the surrounding world, ability to see human auras, to feel what is happening on the subtle plane.

How healthy chakra works

A person with a healthy third eye chakra seeks to achieve harmony with the world around him, and the whole Universe. He gains peace and confidence. A person with a balanced ajna has nowhere to hurry and nothing to look for – he is an observer who does not focus on the past and does not guess about the future – the moment “here and now” completely absorbs him.

Such people “savor” life: slowly, slowly, enjoying every moment of it. Little things please them  – the light of the star, the swaying of grass, the sunrise. People with balanced chakra are able to manage their thoughts and emotions, directing them in the right path. Thus, the ability to analyze them allows getting rid of unnecessary and useless ones.

With a healthy ajna chakra, we understand which thoughts and emotions are comfortable for us, and which ones can be brought out of mental balance. The intuition makes it clear how to act in a given situation.

People with harmonious third eye chakra, are calm, self-aware, insightful, their thoughts and actions are not controlled or limited by the mind. They understand themselves, other people, and life in general. Intuition helps them to make wise decisions.

Imbalance in the work of the third eye chakra

If there is an imbalance in the work of third eye chakra, then a person feels the meaninglessness of his existence, doesn’t understand the purpose of life. He feels like a loser, scared of many things, feels anxiety, mental discomfort, illusions, pride, and confusion in his head, insomnia.

Signs of the Ajna chakra blockage:

  • non-acceptance of oneself;
  • an endless stream of negative emotions and thoughts;
  • inability to distinguish truth from lies;
  • constant stress and prolonged depression;
  • fear of revealing oneself to the world and people;
  • sick imagination;
  • mental illness and mood disorders.

It seems to people with the closed third eye chakra that all negative comes to them from the outside, while they themselves are the source of all negative emotions and negative thoughts.

Such people take nothing for granted, demanding evidence for everything – their own feelings and intuition means nothing. To believe in something, they must see it and touch, they completely deny spirituality. People are prone to dreaminess, ungroundedness, or narrow-mindedness, cynicism, and arrogance.

Ajna and the physical body

Sixth chakra is responsible for the state of the brain, nervous system and memory. It regulates the hearing, sight and smell. Ajna imbalance can cause persistent headaches, migraines, mental disorders, prolonged depression, stress, sleep disturbances, nightmares. Chronic runny nose and sinusitis, eye diseases, diseases of the upper jaw and the skin of the face also indicate an improper chakra functioning.

Ajna is closely connected with the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, therefore, affecting the pituitary gland, it affects all the vital processes of the human body.