Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

Vishuddha or throat chakra is the fifth chakra, which like a bridge, leads a person to higher levels of consciousness. It is associated with communication and creativity. Translated from the ancient Sanskrit language, vishuddha means “purification.” Element of the fifth chakra is Ether.

Image and color of vishuddha chakra

Color associated with the fifth chakra is blue. The image is a lotus with 16 blue petals. Each petal has one letter of Sanskrit, which symbolizes one of the positive qualities inherent in the chakra.

Inside the large circle there is a triangle pointing downward. And inside the triangle there is a small circle, which is a symbol of the Moon and Ether.

Ether is the subtlest element in the world, it refers to the higher consciousness and awareness. To connect to this element, it is important to:

  • spend some time alone and in silence without overwhelming your perception with various “tinsel” (constantly playing music, TV, etc.);
  • communicate, because without it a person feels lonely and withdraws into himself. Meanwhile, communication must be positive and sincere; otherwise, it limits the energy flow through the throat chakra.

The location of vishuddha and its meaning

Throat chakra is located at the base of the neck. With the help of vishuddha we express our thoughts, realize our best ideas, and accept our life the way it is.

The throat chakra is responsible for:

  • inspiration;
  • moral beauty, beauty of thoughts and speech;
  • honesty;
  • individuality;
  • purification – purity of thoughts;
  • communication with other people, with ourselves and the universe;
  • expression of thoughts and ideas through creativity;
  • hearing – external and internal.

How healthy chakra works

Harmonious throat chakra makes a person confident in himself and his abilities. He is not afraid to make mistakes and does not adapt to others, does not change his opinion for them.

Obstacles do not scare him – this person assesses the situation from the point of view of universal laws. He receives invaluable experience from each, even the most difficult case. For him, both material and spiritual are equally valuable.

Such people are interested in self-knowledge, knowledge of the world and the laws of the universe. They express all they learned or sensed through the creativity.

Often, for no reason at all, a person shows the talents that he didn’t even think about – he creates beautiful poems or paintings. This is the work of balanced vishuddha. Besides that, when the energy in the fifth chakra is aligned, people easily communicate with others; and at the same time, they know how to listen to themselves and their own body. They are able to control their thoughts, changing negative thinking to positive. Everything in the life is their responsibility; they are creators of their destiny. Most importantly, they understand that the thoughts and words of people possess a strong energy that is directly related to the quality of their life and health.

People, whose fifth chakra is working properly, freely control their emotions; they don’t feel the most destructive ones – anger, resentment, envy, jealousy. Their main feeling is unconditional love.

They listen to their hearts, pay attention to what others are saying, but they remain of the same point of view. They are not ashamed of what they think; however, they do not seek to impose their opinion on others, respecting the freedom of choice of everyone.

Imbalance of the throat chakra

First of all, people with blocked vishuddha are unhappy with the outside world and other people’s attitude towards them. It seems to them all the time that they are being treated unfairly. They are trying to blame everyone and everything for their troubles and misfortunes. Depression is the essence of people with a sick chakra.

Such people are unable to create anything; however, they criticize the achievements and creations of others. For them, the beauty of the magical violin is inaccessible, “foolish poems” do not inspire them either. A person who has blocked fifth chakra cannot express himself in anything. The only thing that is available to him is to throw mud at those who are able to create something. After all, it is easier for such a person to humiliate others, and by this to increase his own importance.

Problems in communicating with other people and ourselves are the main symptom of unbalanced chakra. Such a person is afraid of life, as well as has a strong fear being alone with himself. Therefore, he tries to draw attention by imposing his opinion on others. His ego is huge.

Making big problems from minor troubles, insincerity in everything is peculiar to individuals with a sick vishuddha. Melancholy and annoyance, disappointment and discontent with life are constant companions of the blocked fifth chakra.

Such people often have problems with speech apparatus, which results in stuttering. For them, there is no middle point – they are either overly talkative or closed in themselves. Rudeness and sharpness, cruelty and aggression are frequent manifestations of blocked chakra. Moreover, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide attempts, escape from reality, hatred for others and oneself, thirst for violence and submission, craving for the destruction of everything beautiful, self-doubt and fear of communication are the main aspects of the problems created by unhealthy vishuddha chakra.

Vishuddha and the physical body

The throat chakra is responsible for the following organs of the physical body:

  • ears, throat, nose;
  • neck, vocal cords and thyroid gland;
  • teeth and jaw;
  • lungs (their upper part);
  • arms and muscles.

Throat diseases – tonsillitis and bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, including allergic rhinitis, bad teeth and weakened immunity, diseases of the lungs and ears, poor hearing, stuttering, diseases of the oral cavity and an unpleasant smell, diseases of the thyroid gland are only part of physical problems that occur when the fifth chakra is blocked.

It is noteworthy, that the most effective method of healing this chakra is a long stay in nature and contemplation of the beauty of the blue sky. Frequent visits to beautiful places will bring peace and tranquility, and will help to open the beautiful “blue chakra” Vishuddha.