Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is very important psychological and emotional preparation for the birth of a new life. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a first pregnancy or fifth.

If you, or your loved ones are waiting for a baby, you will be interested to learn about all the benefits of prenatal yoga.

1. Staying in shape

Together with an understanding of the new status, the future mother immediately gets acquainted with a variety of restrictions, including those that relate to the physical activity. Even if the sport before the pregnancy was active and regular, its intensity will change significantly. And those who practiced sports activities infrequently begin to fall into sadness, watching the changes in the body. Of course, everyone wants to look good, and yoga is the first step towards the goal, though it is not the main one. A correct program with the moderate load will help to control weight and keep your body in a good shape.

2. Good health

Properly chosen set of exercises is always great and healthy. With pregnancy, the value of the “right choice” becomes as important as possible, as the restructuring of the body, hormonal changes and weight gain affect mother’s body so much. Pain in the lower back, in the joints, problems with blood circulation, toxicosis – this is only an insignificant part of the companions of pregnant women. Even experienced mothers sometimes can not avoid it. But these problems are completely minimized with the help of yoga. However, asanas involving abdominal muscles are not allowed.

3. Relaxation of body and mind

It is not a secret that pregnant women often suffer from growing fears. Absolutely everything can scare them, starting from the health of the baby, ending with the political climate, the weather and the prices of the strollers. By practicing yoga, the future mother learns how to walk away from her fears, eliminate negative thoughts and relax her body, thus calming both herself and the baby.

4. Establishing contact between mother and child

Someone just can’t find the time to talk with the baby, and it’s embarrassing for someone to talk with their own stomach, but it’s extremely important to create and maintain contact. It is the basis of calmness of mother and child. During yoga classes, mothers learn how to hear and listen to the needs of the child, creating the most comfortable conditions for both.

5. Breathing control

Traditionally, yoga pays a lot of attention to the breathing, which is especially important for pregnant women. Development, health, nutrition, and calmness of the baby depend a lot on mother’s breathing. Therefore, a mother has “to breathe for two”, paying attention to the frequency and depth of inhalation. It will be easier for a woman to breathe during a childbirth.

6. Staying positive with the help of meditation

Meditation is another integral part of yoga, which is simply indispensable when waiting for a baby. Concentration on important things will help not only to cope with fears, but will also bring a positive attitude and bright thoughts.

7. Training intimate muscles and natural childbirth

Many yoga exercises for pregnant women train intimate muscles, which are involved in the process of childbirth. If a woman has a good body control, then childbirth will be easier and calmer. In addition, yoga practice increases chances for natural childbirth, as it eliminates many risk factors such as inelasticity of the pelvic joints and poor flexibility.

8. Healthy nutrition

Yoga philosophy suggests a healthy approach to nutrition. A pregnant woman should eat a varied and healthy food, and this desire usually comes from the inside – because a woman wants to give a baby only the best and most useful products. Healthy food is a guarantee of health.


Before practicing yoga for pregnant, carefully choose an instructor and make sure to inform him/her on your stage of pregnancy, your state of health and your concerns. Since some asanas are contraindicated in certain cases, and out of ignorance, you can harm yourself and the baby. The trainer will necessarily correct the program in order to avoid risks. And of course, if you decided to practice yoga yourself at home, then pregnancy is not the best time for this.

Few more facts about benefits of yoga practice during pregnancy

According to statistics, women who practiced yoga during pregnancy tend to easier carry their babies and give birth faster. They feel much more energetic, calm and joyful, and after giving birth they recover faster physically and psychologically.

In addition, according to scientific research, babies whose mothers practiced yoga during pregnancy are more attentive, inquisitive, friendly, and they easily calm down when they grow up. They rarely have mental or physical developmental delays.