Types of yoga

It is almost impossible to give an unambiguous definition of what yoga is, and to list accurately all existing types of yoga. The truth is that yoga is a very tangible and multifaceted concept with many interpretations and definitions.

Many interpretations of classical yoga appeared during the long period of the yoga existence. Some yogis, based on personal experience, created new schools, directions, and styles. They differ from each other in their approach to the practices, but their goal is the same – to help a person to go through the path of self-knowledge and find harmony, both with himself and with the whole world.

You can choose suitable types of yoga for yourself only by first sorting out your desires and setting a goal of what exactly you want to achieve by practicing certain types of yoga.

There are many options for dividing yoga into separate types, but due to the great popularity, more and more new schools and trends appear. It is very difficult to specify all the types of yoga which exist nowadays, so first, we will list those that have been known for a long time:

Classic types:

Each classic style of yoga has a very ancient history and has gone a long way of development and improvement.

Listing types of yoga, we also have to mention the following:

Since yoga is not static, it is constantly in motion and development, this list cannot be considered neither complete nor definitive.