Acroyoga organically combines classic yoga asanas, acrobatics, as well as elements of Thai massage.

Unlike most yoga types, this direction appeared recently – in 2003. Its founders are Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein. After several years of hard training and brave experiments, they managed to harmoniously combine yoga and acrobatics. It became the basis of a new discipline, which since 2005 has been officially called acroyoga.

A key feature of acroyoga is that it is impossible to do it alone. This is exclusively a group practice. Moreover, each of the participants has its role:

  • Base – a person lying on the floor and holding a flyer, so he’s a pillar of support of the whole pose;
  • Flyer – a person who is elevated
  • Spotter – an assistant who insures the safety and help during tricky transitions. .

Of course, acroyoga is very spectacular. It’s nice not only to do it, but also just to observe the practice of experienced pairs, whose movements enchant and remind a space dance.

A separate practice of acroyoga is Thai massage, which usually completes the training.

The direction is getting more and more popular around the world. This is quite natural, as a modern person lacks deep interpersonal communication, often trying to replace it with superficial background unemotional contacts with other people. Acroyoga can be practiced only with a partner. It gives an opportunity to bring relations between two people to the new level of understanding. Yes, at first, when the base and the flyer just started to work with each other, difficult situations are possible. Those are disputes, mutual accusations, inability to listen to a partner. But overcoming them not only contributes to the development of skills and physical abilities needed for the practice, but also gives a feeling of closeness, a complete merge with another person in the present moment – here and now.

Therefore, most couples in partner yoga consist of a man and a woman. It is because the roles of base and flyer reflect and emphasize the masculine and feminine essence in the best way possible. Being in the role of a flyer, a woman has the opportunity to reveal herself as much as possible, to learn to be “soft”, smooth, graceful. The main attention of the audience, of course, goes to the flyer.

You might think that the role of a base is simple and uninteresting. But this, of course, is not so at all. A base supports the entire structure, only due to his competent and delicate work the flyer can open up and demonstrate its capabilities. Base is a typically male role meaning support, and strength.

Many people, seeing acroyoga exercises for the first time, feel not only admired, but also uncertain. It seems that such complex and harmonious movements are available exclusively to gifted yogis after many years of training. Of course, like in any practice, there is no limit to perfection in couples yoga. But don’t be afraid, an experienced instructor can help even beginners to perform many poses that seem extremely difficult at first glance.

Benefits of acroyoga

Partner yoga has proven itself as an excellent tool for interpersonal psychotherapy. It allows the practitioner not only to learn about himself through the achievement of harmony between his soul and body, but also to learn his partner, as if merged with him into a single organism.

It also helps to improve physical health, especially beneficially affecting the spine, strengthening the muscular corset of the back. In addition, such practices improve coordination, flexibility, and endurance.

Almost any person can practice acroyoga, since contraindications are very insignificant, and there are a lot of exercise options. An experienced trainer can choose the most suitable ones, taking into account the individual characteristics of the practitioners.

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