Bhakti yoga

Bhakti yoga is one of the most interesting and deepest directions. This is the highest expression of love, awareness, and expression of self through the love to the supreme deity. In Hinduism it is one of the most effective and affordable ways to practice yoga. It does not require significant physical effort, so people with physical disabilities, as well as simply those who do not want to exhaust their body can choose this type of yoga.

Bhakti yoga is a slightly broader concept than hatha yoga that many people know and practice. Hatha yoga is mainly focused on improving the body and health. Hatha yoga is part of a great yoga system, and bhakti yoga is the apex of all yoga systems. It allows you to improve not only the physical state, but also mental: get rid of stress, anxiety, which can disturb people. Also, the most valuable effect of bhakti yoga is that it allows you to feel the spiritual benefit. It opens the door to the spiritual life of a person.

Bhakti yoga is a lifestyle of thinking that includes not only physical positive effects, but also a system of healthy eating. It allows to feel the harmony in life, with ourselves, others and the outside world. It helps to achieve self-realization and understand what is happening in this world. This is a lifestyle which does not differ significantly from the ordinary life of people. These are simple things allowing you to become a yogi in the broad sense, not just being someone who can do some kind of exercise.

Bhakti yoga involves a gradual transition to vegetarian food, includes the rejection of alcohol, drugs, does not tolerate the addiction to gambling, and so on. These are the usual, basic principles of healthy and conscious life. Bhakti yoga helps to feel happiness, inner satisfaction, taste of a healthy life.

It includes, first of all, theoretical knowledge, a deep analysis of education, social problems, and personal problems. But besides the theory, there is a practice – meditation, a relaxation technique. General or individual meditation techniques can be applied.