Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is one of the most powerful types of yoga. It is an ancient meditative energy and breathing control technique. In Sanskrit the word “kriya’ means “movement”. It includes asanas, pranayamas, mudras, meditation techniques, mantras, and the OM Healing technique. Kriya Yoga is one of the easiest and most powerful methods of practicing meditation and the awakening of the spiritual consciousness.

Kriya yoga includes the following techniques:

  • OM Healing (OM chanting). Scientists have discovered long time ago that certain sound rhythms have a positive effect on our health. Researchers have proven that with targeted meditation the level of relaxation of all body systems is much higher than even when we sleep. A practitioner may direct healing power of this technique not only at healing his soul, but also at the surrounding world, nature, or specific people.
  • Mantra is a repetition of certain sounds that allow to increase the level of vital energy and improve the concentration. Mantra chanting helps to calm the mind; therefore, it becomes easier to practice meditation.
  • Mudras are special positions of the hands and body that lock energy in it. It allows controlling vital energy and managing it. They also help to balance five elements in the body that can prevent or heal diseases.
  • Pranayamas are breathing exercises that allow accumulating and distributing energy; these techniques heal and purify the energy channels.
  • Asanas are physical exercises that keep the body strong and healthy. Due to asanas, the body receives more vital energy, gets endurance and flexibility.

Kriya practices require neither fixed posture nor concentration of mind. In Kriya yoga, there is no need to try to concentrate our mind on one point. Consciousness moves from one point to another in a certain order. It causes the development of certain parts of the brain, activates the nervous system and awakens mental energy.

Kriya is a comprehensive spiritual path that includes meditation practices and right living. It helps to achieve significant progress both in physical condition and improve the nervous and mental processes:

  • Immune system of a person practicing Kriya Yoga becomes much stronger and actively resists all external and internal attacks;
  • Nervous system becomes more stable, which is very significant in our time of total nervous disorders.
  • Activation of the kundalini energy reveals the hidden potentialities and talents of people.
  • Improved ability to concentrate. Yogi becomes more energetic and strong.
  • The brain functions in a new level, and the practitioner acquires the ability to think more clearly than ever.
  • At the physical level, asanas, mudras, and meditations contribute to the renewal of the body at the cellular level. Activating the kundalini makes the body to literally flourish.

Kriya Yoga is a simple psycho-physiological method allowing a person’s blood to get released from carbon dioxide and get enriched with oxygen. Atoms of this excess amount of oxygen are converted into vital energy, which rejuvenates the brain and vertebral centers. Preparatory techniques of Kriya Yoga purify the body and mind, give physical and mental health. Everyone can practice it: from children to the elderly, men and women. These are very light at first glance techniques, but very deep.