Kundalini yoga

Kundalini is the energy that connects nervous system, brain, and glands of the human body so that they start functioning with maximum efficiency. Kundalini yoga was a secret teaching until the second half of the twentieth century. Indian masters disclosed this teaching to the most gifted students, while other people have never heard about it. Yogi Bhajan changed it, he made the style publicly available. This famous Indian master of yoga began his studies at the age of eight years old. When he was sixteen, his teacher made him a master.

Having visited the west, the master saw that young people aspire to attain the highest state of nirvana and expand consciousness using drugs. Then he decided to give them a teaching that allows achieving it without drug addiction. Bhajan used his style of yoga to treat nicotine, drug, alcohol and other types of addiction. He founded the school of Kundalini yoga, and it still functions successfully in more than forty countries around the world.

Kundalini yoga practice

Kundalini yoga consists of simple yoga techniques that can be pleasant to everyone, regardless of age and physical abilities. This is a science that includes breathing exercises (pranayama), yoga poses (asanas), work with sound, chanting mantras and meditation. It aims to give us the opportunity to experience the highest consciousness through raising Kundalini creative energy.

Kundalini yoga does not imply strict austerity – it is yoga for those who are looking for the realization of their potential in this world, and not detachment from it.

The class begins and ends with the singing of mantras. Static and dynamic exercises are technically simple, but they give a powerful effect largely due to the duration – from a minute to an hour and even more.

Much attention is paid to bandhas (body “locks”), mudras (symbolic hands gestures) and breathing exercises. In Kundalini yoga, pranayama has a special place as well. Yogi may practice many techniques depending on his emotional and physical state.

Sadhana is the basis of discipline. It is a practice that yogi performs before the sun rises; it consists of meditation, asanas and singing mantras. As the Kundalini yoga teaching says, at dawn, the energy channels are clean and opened, so the practice at this time gives the best results.

The practice does not require prior physical training, special flexibility or super health. White clothes are preferable.


Initially, Kundalini yoga was intended for spiritual improvement, but nowadays many people successfully practice it to achieve specific goals in health, communication, and business. Regular practice gives rejuvenation, improves health, and gives energy and determination. Yoga is not limited to philosophical aspects. It helps to get clear answers to life questions, whether it is a professional sphere or communication within the family.

It is believed that this practice is more suitable for women, since Kundalini is the personification of female energy, but, in fact, for men it is no less effective.