Yoga For Beginners

If you decided to bring yoga into your life, you have to clearly understand why you need it, what do you want to change, to improve? Try to understand what attracts you in yoga? Maybe its ancient and deep philosophical system? Maybe it’s an opportunity to learn how to relax? Make a positive change in your life? The deeper and more voluminous your goal and your intention is, the farther you will go along the path of yoga, the deeper it will enter into your life.

I would recommend to approach yoga at once comprehensively: not as gymnastics or fitness, but as a philosophical system that includes the whole world, a huge history and a moral aspect. Read about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, read a little about the culture and history of India – the country where yoga originated. To drink water, you need to know where it comes from, right?

How to choose a type of yoga ?

It is unnecessary to immediately strive to start practicing a particular type of yoga. Start with the basics, a common practice designed to familiarize the body with yoga. Of course, it’s up to you to choose. It may happen that suddenly your body will immediately respond, for example, to Hatha yoga. Everything is possible, but be careful, listen to your body and mind.

Discipline is the basis of any activity

Formation of a habit is the basis of any successful practice. If you do yoga once a week, or “when you are in a good mood,” this will not make many changes in your life. The mechanisms of change are triggered only when the practice is systematic and constant.

Start meditating after yoga class. Start with five minutes letting your body and mind to get used to it. Meditation is not just the right ending of any yoga practice. Meditation is a great gift, an opportunity to learn how to relax and disconnect from stress and problems. In modern society, this is an invaluable skill. People pay a lot of money, going to an appointment with psychoanalysts, attending trainings, and so on, while we can get it all for free, just learn how to relax and dive into a meditative state. Just try to listen to your breath and throw all thoughts out of your head. After a month of this practice, you will see positive changes, feel more relaxed, stress-resistant, harmonious person.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga will really improve your health. The flexibility of your body will increase, your joints will say thank you! It will help to get rid or improve the situation with the overweight, and many chronic diseases. The metabolism will increase, hormonal state will be balanced.

Yoga is an excellent medicine for stress. The fact is that during yoga practice, a large number of hormones are released (for example, serotonin – a pleasure hormone). And if you practice systematically, and preferably at the same time of the day, it will help you to stay in a good mood. Eventually, you will wait impatiently for yoga classes.

You will have much more energy. The fact is that yoga practice is closely related to pranayama, a breathing exercise. You will realize that after a while you will start synchronizing asanas with breathing, even if you do not practice pranayama separately. Breathing cleanses the body from toxins, cleans the energy channels – nadi, and as a result, it gives energy and power. All the processes in the body are interrelated, do not be surprised.

It is often difficult to take the first step, but think that this one small step can drastically change your life for the better. Always accept the new, be open to the world, and the world will open to you. And if you start thinking that you wanted to try yoga, don’t doubt, just do it!